Federation of Electrical Entrepreneur of Nepal

  • Whereas it is expedient to do the protection and promotion of the professional interests rights by organizing all concerned people related to all industry-entrepreneurs and profession of the electricity area of Nepal through the city, district, regional and associate membership making uniformity including in the interests of the consumers and market prices for the protection of rights interests of this class maintaining mutual co-ordination and assistance among the entrepreneurs & traders, professionals involved in the production, sale of the electrical goods and business related to the electrical and electronic which has a great role in the all-round development of the modern Nepal and to provide assistance in its development.

    Therefore, Nepal electrical association incorporated in 2047 B.S. (1990 AD) by the 19th Annual General Meeting of the Association has been established as the “Federation of Electrical Entrepreneur of Nepal” in its changed form.

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Federation of Electrical Entrepreneur of Nepal

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